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My approach assists clients in cultivating both short-term and long-term solutions to navigate through life’s challenges. I tailor sessions based on the specific goals of each individual client’s needs.

I believe that you have the power to self-heal and that the purpose of my presence is to guide you to awaken the healer within. 

I am passionate about helping you recognise your potential, achieve your goals, and improve your quality of life. I'm person-centred and interested in psychoanalysis theory.

Overall, my approach seems to be empowering and focused on helping clients enhance their overall well-being, with a particular interest in psychoanalytic theory as one of my guiding frameworks. This can provide a well-rounded and personalised therapeutic experience for my clients.


 My Approach

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I have a special interest in working with people who are in, identify with, or are allied with these communities:

  • Migrants and Immigrants in Australia

  • Portuguese, Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking African communities

  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse / Multicultural


  • Young Adults

  • Adults

  • Couples

  • Elders

  • Students

I am experienced in helping people overcome these challenges and conditions:

  • Anxiety (including climate anxiety)

  • Anger Management

  • Career change

  • Communication

  • Depression

  • Family Conflict - Relationship Issues - Marital and Premarital

  • Intimacy Concerns

  • Sexuality

  • Life Transitions / Relocation / Migration

  • Parenthood

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Stress

  • Workplace conflict

  • loss and grief support

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